Story of Safinaz

Safinaz Sulthana signed her story to us stating “I am deaf, but I can lip-read a little. When I was at home I used to sit alone, and had no communication with anyone. My husband was a drunkard, he used to come home and hit me. I bore the torture for some days, but later I divorced him. Now I work here, I am happy, I spend the whole day working with everyone. They are very supportive and it helps me forget my pain. I live with my mother’s family now. I started with stitching. I make dolls, I make their tails, stuff them with cotton, do the embroidery and hand stitch to finish the product. I feel like I am no less than anyone, I earn my own living. These dolls you see are completely handcrafted by me and I earn Rs. 6000 per month by making them”

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