Screw Pine

Screw Pine

The screw pine plant is grown mostly by the river side. It is then collected from the people around the area. The makers of screw pine get the raw materials from the locals who have collected it from the river side. People are then trained for a month and later come up with new design as per client requirement.

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Making Process

The steps followed in hollow casting process is given below:


  1. The Screw Pine is collected from the local area. It is cut with the help of cutters or knives.
  2. The leaves are dried under the sun. Then these leaves undergo a dyeing process with colours added to it.
  3. The dyeing leaves are put to cold water for cooling.
  4. The dyeing leaves are put to cold water for cooling.
  5. The dried leaves are cut and weaved one up and up down format.
  6. Then the cardboard is market as the required measurement.
  7. Marked cardboard is cut accordingly by using scissors as per the requirement.
  8. Glue is applied on the pine mat that is made.
  9. Finally, the product Finishing is done as per the requirement.


Screw Pine


Rukmini AC and Lalitha AC are twin sisters from the outskirts of Kodungallur, Kerala. Both the sisters are physically challenged and are unable to walk properly. There were times when Rukmini and Lalitha were finding it difficult to earn for their living. The situation changed when they started as helpers at the “Anganwadi” and then moved to our training centre for learning the procedure of weaving products from screw pine fibres as a part time. They now are working with our centre fulltime. Now, both Rukmini and Lalitha are earning their living through screw pine fibres production.