About Us

GiftAbled is a social enterprise that strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to collectively build an inclusive society.

We aim to empower People with Disabilities across several aspects of their life and support them in living with dignity.

All our efforts are thus in line with the same.

What We Do

GiftAbled continues its march towards fostering a culture that values inclusion and creates opportunities that transform the lives of People with Disabilities at the grassroots. The professional potential of People with Disabilities often remains untapped due to misconceptions about their working capacity, negative societal attitudes, and non accessible workplaces. We constantly strive to come up with market viable products and techniques to compete with the mainstream.

Time and again, we have proven to be the apex choice as gifting partners for various corporates. We take pride in the low carbon footprint of our products (thanks to the efficient handcrafting techniques and locally sourced raw materials), thus making our products an environmentally conscious choice. We keep a close watch on the design trends and work in accordance to bring out contemporary products. By choosing our products, you’re being a part of the inclusion movement.


Our Collection

Why Us

High Quality, New Designs & Best Price

At GiftAbled, quality is given the utmost importance. We keep up with the trends and the same is reflected in our high quality designs.

Committed to D&I

We are intrinsically connected to D&I initiatives that reflect with our consumers, and corporates.

Support Livelihood Generation of PwD

Proceeds from each sale help the artist making the products earn a part of their monthly income and live a meaningful life.


We believe adding a personal touch goes a long way, and for that reason all the products we design are customisable.

Lives Impacted
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We Promote Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is the creation of a diverse supply chain that works to secure the inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups in the procurement plans. Supplier diversity has helped employ thousands of People with Disabilities in their sheltered environment. This enhances competition, advances market penetration, & augments community commitment by:

Promotes innovation through the introduction of new products made by Persons with Disabilities, SHGs & NGOs

Helps in reducing the overall cost of the products or services by engaging several suppliers which also ensures an efficient supply chain and better quality.

Helps to demonstrate that the company has truly embraced the principles of inclusion, thus opens up new market segments and business opportunities.

The 2017 Supplier Diversity Study from The Hackett Group found that companies who dedicate 20% or more of their spend to diverse suppliers can attribute as much as 15% of their annual sales to supplier diversity programs. Depending on annual sales numbers, previous studies have put the ROI of a supplier diversity program as high as 133%.

Our Stories

Meet Our Artisans


Some gifts bring a huge smile to your face. I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge Giftabled for the opportunity to connect people through art. Especially in times like now, looking at these pieces of artwork makes me truly feel connected; that someone somewhere spent considerable amount of time and explored their creativity to bring this to life. I think that particular element makes this more valuable than most other gifts. Seeing and using these works of art is a gentle daily reminder to practice inclusiveness, gratitude, respect and love. Thank you Giftabled for giving me this experience.

Dileep Chandra
customized diwali hamper

Quality was very good. Its was colourful and all the employees loved. I was happy and satisfied as in a way we have helped the Adults with disability indirectly Service and delivery was one time. It was a satisfying Deepavali that year.

Damayanthi - Assistant Manager
diwali hamper

Thank you for arranging hand crafted Diwali gifts from past 2 years. All our team members liked the gifts especially hand painted Diyas. Customizing gift is also one of the best option to deal with your requirements.It’s great to choose GiftAbled for corporate gifts especially festival occasions. We really appreciate your service as the products delivered as expected. Thank you for all your support.

Asif - Executive Assistant
diwali hamper

Just wanted to thank for the Diwali gift I got from company. Appreciate the thought that went into this year’s Diwali gifts! Really appreciate the thought. Convey my regards to the artists behind.

Varun Nair

Thank you for the timely delivery of the notebooks. It was pleasure working with you and we are happy with the product received. Different on art each notebook and the vibrant colours used were appreciated by my team as well.

Rachel S Raynold
Marketing & Communication Executive - Kramer Electronics India Pvt Ltd

Thank you for arranging all the gifts. The diaries and the lunch bags have been appreciated by one and all. Also, thank you for accommodating all our requirements in such a short span of time and for the timely delivery of the gifts.

Shell Technologies

It is not every day that we get an opportunity to meaningfully contribute towards the lives of others. So when we heard about GiftAbled and the difference you are making, we were thrilled to be a part of it. Gifting colourful, creative and beautifully handcrafted items made by the differently abled and the lesser privileged is a novel idea.

This not only empowers the creators of products but also, brings a warm smile to the recipients. Our entire journey of selecting, sourcing and getting the gifts, at an economical price, was made much smoother by a dedicated team.

A heartfelt thanks to GiftAbled for helping us connect to the wonderful artisans and making us a part of this humbling experience.

Human Resources - Gramener



Reason I am sharing this is because this gift has an emotional touch to it. The notebook and pen stand is handcrafted by Shrikant (An artist) who is differently abled ( I won’t say disabled ).
Feels so good to be a part of inclusion movement that aims to empower differently abled people by creating livelihood and employment opportunities for the underprivileged in India.
Thank you Dell Technologies and GiftAbled .

Pradnya Karve


Thank you for wonderful new year gift.

I really appreciate the idea of supporting physically challenged or differently abled artist using GiftAbled products.

Taksh Medhavi

Great Learning

So happy to receive this beautiful gift from PwC SDC Kolkata. This gift was prepared by GiftAbled which is a special organization that makes everything eco friendly and where specially abled artists hand craft beautiful gifts for us.

Mohini Ray



Shout out to Prarthana Kaul and GiftAbled, all the gifts are of really nice quality.. Loved the enclosing beautiful colourful potli !!

Akshay Polji


What’s most special is these items have been hand-made by differently abled people working with GiftAbled, a Bangalore based social enterprise working towards ensuring a more inclusive society.

That’s not all. The pen has seeds which you can plant after it runs out of ink. Isn’t that awesome?! Respect and gratitude!

Mansu Jain


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