About us


About Us

GiftAbled is a social enterprise that strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to collectively build an inclusive society. We aim to empower People with Disabilities across several aspects of their life and support them in living with dignity. All our efforts are thus in line with the same.

Our Goal

GiftAbled collaborates with various non-profit organizations across the country to produce market viable products which are at par with the mainstream. The purpose is to generate and sustain a livelihood for the marginalized section of society. It also provides an avenue for our guests to shop for high-quality Indian made products without leaving the comfort of their home or office.


Foster a culture that values inclusion, and creates opportunities that transform the lives of People with Disabilities so that they can live with dignity and self-esteem.

Our Inclusive Services


Our workshops are tailor-made for corporates to help instill new views and enable the interaction with Persons with Disabilities with great ease and confidence. It also helps one chart strategies, policies, and roadmap Inclusion goals for companies.


We have specialized need based programs which are driven by the organisation’s culture & disability policies. We provide Interpretation Services, Focussed Trainings, & Case Based Trainings also.


We provide digital and infrastructural accessibility solutions to make content and spaces more inclusive. We conduct thorough audits and ensure that the environment is compliant with mandated Government Guidelines.


We follow a holistic approach to empower People with Disabilities across several walks of life. Read more about our projects under Health, Education and Livelihood Generation.


We strive to create a sensitive workforce by creating opportunities to explore new ideas through inculcating the values of Diversity and Inclusion.

Leadership Team


Program Manager & Founding Member

Deekshitha is an avid trekker and brings lot of energy as Head of Merchandise & Skilling CoE. She is a pet lover to the core and cannot help but taking care of abandoned animals.

In her leadership, Merchandise & Skilling empowers thousands of artisans with disabilities across the country and creates a net of financial inclusion for the partners/ beneficiaries.




Associate Vice President & Founding Member

Krishna loves to ride fast and the same quality of speed resonates as he drives Services and Tech CoE to meet the requirements of stakeholders.

He has been instrumental in pushing the agenda of Accessibility across digital and infrastructure and is one of the tallest leaders in the space. The impact created by his CoE supports in deeper and long lasting inclusion across India.


Co-Founder & Director

Prarthana’s experience of almost 2 decades enables GiftAbled to chart and continue on the right course. She deftly leads impact and sustainability and has been GiftAbled’s biggest inclusion advocate. Most who know her are aware that she enjoys the company of fellow impact friends, colleagues and most of all volunteers.

Her interests range from eating out to volunteering to going on long drives to supporting everyone and all the causes.


Co-Founder & Director

Prateek has over 2 decades of experience in both Corporate and Impact space. He started off as a volunteer before co-founding GiftAbled. He believes we need to begin with end in mind. Hence, any social enterprise contributing for any cause should work towards ensuring that their effort enables the beneficiaries over a period of time to become self-reliant and independent thereby making the social enterprise redundant in that region.

He loves to go on long drives as long as he is not driving . His current favorite book is ‘Zero to One’ by Peter Thiel.