Sheetal Patti

Sheetal Patti

Sheetal Patti is a natural fibre product that is very popular in the eastern part of India. This is one of the Fibre products that is expensive. Sheetal Patti mats are mainly used to sleep in the summer season around assam as it keeps the temperature cool when used. The production of Sheetal Patti is the main business in the areas of Assam. It is mainly made of green cane slips. The Sheetal Patti process involves many procedures that are complicated.

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Making Process

The Sital Pati manufacturing involves many processes that are complicated. This is made from marshy reed originally named as mohtra reed.

The steps followed in hollow casting process is given below:


    1. The Marshy Reeds are washed in soda and then dried. Then the dried reeds are split to clean the soft stuff inside and sized to make the pieces in equal size.
    2. The pieces are boiled in hot water for three to four hours.
    3. Then the pieces are dried in the hot sun.
    4. The Splits are woven in a closed weave.
    5. 5. Then it is designed by using dyed slips as the requirement.


Gopal Chakraborty Sitalpatti_Making

Gopal Chakraborty

Gopal Chakraborty is from West Bengal. He started to earn in his early days as he stoped education after his father’s accident years back. To take care of his family he discontinued his education and started to work as a daily wage’s labourer. He then though to develop his skillset and joined our training centre. His interest in making the Sheetal Pati products made him continue. Today he is training more than 5 people in a batch. He earns around 250 rupees per day.