Palm Leaf

Palm Leaf

The palm leaves are used in making products like hats, trays, baskets, boxes and more. These products are made easily as the weaving of the product is simple. The twists and turns of the palm leaves strip are. The Palm leaf strips are twisted and turned to build each product as required.

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Making Process

The steps followed in hollow casting process is given below:


  1. Palm leaves are collected from the palm leaf trees.
  2. The palm leaves are cut in middle to make in two halves.
  3. Then leaves are dyed to give colour.
  4. Palm leaves are placed adjacent with a small gap to pass thin strip of leaf.
  5. The small thin strip is passed through the adjacent to lock the pairs together.
  6. 6. Then the material is weaved to get the shapes as required.


Gandhi Madhi Palm Leaf beneficiary

Gandhi Madhi

Gandhi Madhi was born in a village near Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. She is the elder of the two in her family. She started working at her younger age. Her interest in Palm Leaf making made her to join us and with the given training, she improved and started to earn from it. Presently she is earning around Rs 300 per day. Gandhi Madhi have started to train others and also help them in earning money.