Basketry is one of the craft that is made by weaving or twining the materials like twigs or grasses. Mainly, traditional basketry relies on natural materials like willow, plant roots, grape or honeysuckle vines, and a wide variety of grasses. This is one of the ancient craft that is done by people around the world to make different products. Some of the products made are vessels for storage, furniture, and other household goods. It is also found that some of the people have made houses using the technique of basketry.

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Making Process

The process of Basketry starts with the selection of design of the basket. These baskets are made with standard shapes and sizes. The making procedure does not involve much of the machines. Different kindly of Baskets are mainly made by hand.


The steps followed in hollow casting process is given below:


  1. Choose a Basket design including shape and size. The natural materials like willow, plant roots, grape or honeysuckle vines and a wide variety of grasses are collected.
  2. Depending on the nature of the material soaking is done in advance. The same materials are also dyed in advance.
  3. A Basket is made by its base. The base is made by placing a group of spokes that are firm and work like rods to support more flexible woven material.
  4. After the base is finished the spokes are softened by soaking. This is then squeezed with pilers at the perimeter of the base and it is bent up to form the sides.
  5. The sides are put into a process to woven with flexible weavers that are under the side spokes. The ends of the spoke need to be soaked again before the borders of the Basketry are made.
  6. The Best available material is then chosen for Basket Handle that is strong, durable, attractive, and smooth to touch. The rods and weavers are used to make as per the size of the basket that matches the appearance.
  7. Finally the Basket is prepared as per the requirement.


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PUSHPA is one of the three daughters of the family. Her father was a daily labor and was the lone bread winner of the family. But everything changed when her father met with an accident and bed ridden. She as elder of the three started to work for her family. Finally, she just decided to learn some skills to improve her earnings. So, she joined the training program on making basketry and the interest towards it just pushed her continue in working full time. This skillset has helped her to earn 300 per day. She says “I am happy to work on the Basket making and all other products. Also thank the training team for helping me in earning more.”