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About US

who we are

GiftAbled is a social enterprise

that strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to collectively build an inclusive society. We aim to empower People with Disabilities across several aspects of their life and support them in living with dignity. All our efforts are thus in line with the same.


who we are

GiftAbled collaborates

with various non-profit organizations across the country to produce market viable products which are at par with the mainstream. The purpose is to generate and sustain a livelihood for the marginalized section of society. It also provides an avenue for our guests to shop for high-quality Indian made products without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Our Mission

who we are

Foster a culture that values inclusion

and creates opportunities that transform the lives of People with Disabilities so that they can live with dignity and self-esteem..

Our Other Service


Our workshops are tailor-made for corporates to help instill new views and enable the interaction with Persons with Disabilities with great ease and confidence. It also helps one chart strategies, policies, and roadmap Inclusion goals for companies.


We provide digital and infrastructural accessibility solutions to make content and spaces more inclusive. We conduct thorough audits and ensure that the environment is compliant with mandated Government Guidelines.


We strive to create a sensitive workforce by creating opportunities to explore new ideas through inculcating the values of Diversity and Inclusion.


GiftAbled ’s portfolio embodies positive and simple human values. In India, more than 70% of the People with Disability live in rural parts of the country where the situation is much worse than the urban setup. People with Disabilities have to struggle more than their TAB (Temporarily Abled Bodies) counterparts to access public spaces, employment opportunities, etc, making the idea of a comfortable life an almost unattainable dream.

We understood the necessity of supporting a sustainable livelihood for People with Disabilities and the socially disadvantaged people in the rural sector. For fulfilling this objective, we have partnered with several NGOs and Artists with Disability - who have been working closely in these areas to bring out a topnotch collection of handmade artifacts. Our collective responsibility remains the same i.e. to empower artisans with disability & the socially disadvantaged artisans and leverage enough profit to help them live a life with dignity.

Why US (Our Service)

– high-quality new designs & best price
At GiftAbled, quality is given the utmost importance. We keep up with the trends and the same is reflected in our high quality designs.
– support livelihood generation of PWD
Proceeds from each sale help the artist making the products earn a part of their monthly income and live a meaningful life.
– committed to D&I

– personalisation
We believe adding a personal touch goes a long way, and for that reason all the products we design are customisable.

our team & skills


numbers of livelihood supported 20,000
number of ngos partners 45+
corporate partners 0000
number of gifts sold 00000
SEO 90%
SMO 70%
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