MADUR also called as Madur Kathi is a natural fibre which is grown in the rural areas of Bengal. This natural fibre is a rhizome-based plant. It is considered as the alternative to plastic products. So, this is considered as the better option for the environment and table needs. The products made by Madur bring more satisfaction as these natural fibres does not spoil the environment around.

Madur Woven Handcarfted Laptop Bag 15"- Multicolor

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Specification :

Material: Madhur

box Dimensions(cm):30*41(height*dia)

Handle Dimensions(cm):68

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Making Process

Madur is also called Madur Kathi is a rhizome-based plant which is found in the eastern part of India. The cultivation is done at the swampy land. The sticks from the rhizome tree can be reaped for 3 to 4 years. Let us see the process of Madur Kathi making.


The steps followed in Madur Kathi process is given below:


  1. The main stem of the tree is used to prepare strips just by discarding the tissues. 
  2. The Strips are then soaked in water to make it softer.
  3. Weaving is done by using vegetable free dyes to add required colors.
  4. After weaving, the product is boiled. (i.e., the boiling point depends on the colors used) 
  5. Again, fine weaving is done after drying.
  6. A mat is produced through weaving and it is tailored according to the requirement of the product. (Production depends on the customers demand)


Mirdolo mahato

Nishikant Das

Nishikant Das is from a farmer family. His interest towards the manufacturing of Madur products made him involve in this business years back. His hard work and the interest towards the jobs helped him to become the trainer of his village. He is also called the master for this training skills. Even though he is 70 years old he is more passionate towards the production of Madur products. He earns between 10000 to 15000 per month.