Gopal Chakraborty Sitalpatti_Making

Gopal Chakraborty

Gopal Chakraborty is from West Bengal. He started to earn in his early days as he stoped education after his father’s accident years back. To take care of his family he discontinued his education and.
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Kalpana Bamboo beneficiary


Kalpana is one of the three children of the family. She is eldest of the three children in the family. At her younger age she stopped her education to take care of her family. She.
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Screw Pine


Rukmini AC and Lalitha AC are twin sisters from the outskirts of Kodungallur, Kerala. Both the sisters are physically challenged and are unable to walk properly. There were times when Rukmini and Lalitha were finding.
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PUSHPA is one of the three daughters of the family. Her father was a daily labor and was the lone bread winner of the family. But everything changed when her father met with an accident.
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