Sanjana's Image


Meet our artist Sanjana. She is a very charming and happy personality, she loves to dance and go on outings with friends and family. She loves cooking and stitching. She.
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Rohith is Non-verbal Autistic Individual. He is really good at Art. Initially, he showed some hyperactive behavior and repetitive hand flapping and jumping, but drawing & painting keeps him absorbed..
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Vishal Patil

Vishal Patil is an autistic adult in his mid-20s. He has a loud voice and keeps hopping around when idle. But when it comes to working, he can sit for.
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Dhanalakshmi from our Koratagere production unit has Locomotor Disability (left hand). After one year of marriage,Dhanalakshmi had a baby and unfortunately, the baby passed away within a year due to.
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Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas is 24 years old adult with down syndrome and multiple disabilities. She uses a wheelchair to commute. She is very talented in painting, beading, and weaving work. She.
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Sneha painting


Sneha is 26 years old and has cerebral palsy with multiple disabilities. She lost her parents when she was 10 years old. Her best friend is Sharon Thomas at the.
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Kalpana Bamboo beneficiary


Kalpana is one of the three children of the family. She is eldest of the three children in the family. At her younger age she stopped her education to take.
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